Sue Mahony’s feedback

Dear Fernando and Merche

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great 2 weeks. The course was exactly as described on the website. You delivered a great course that gave me an understanding of Spanish language that I could never have achieved in UK in such a short time. No mean feat when the language ability I had was so far behind the others in the group. The friendly, family approach was a great context in which to learn, and your cooking is lovely Merche. Thank you both.

You also went out of your way to make sure I got a view of Spain beyond the classroom and helped me get the things I wanted to buy, which I really appreciated. I don’t know if you saw the pictures I put up on ‘Guiris in Cantabria’ Whats app site, but for my brother-in-law’s birthday on return, I translated three recipes from the cookery books I bought and cooked them, along with Andy’s chorizos recipe. They were a great success! And this week end we take the Jamón to the big birthday party as well!

Thanks again- I am about to embark on online course so will be in touch, but I hope to see you all when you are travelling in UK next time!
Best wishes
Sue Mahony

Rachel Porter

I recently completed my 2 weeks SKE on ‘The Spanish Course’ and it has given my a deep understanding of Spanish language that I could not have effectively achieved on my own. I did not really know any Spanish before arriving, but Fernando’s clear explanations and exercises gave me a firm foundation for me to expand upon. I am now able to complete online course confidently to practice what I have learned. He has also given us techniques on how to teach Spanish to students in the future, and always approaches his classes with energy and enthusiasm!

The house is beautiful and Merche cooked wonderful food (catering really well for us vegetarians, too). We were able to do a lot of great trips and enjoy the area. Fernando and Merche always bent over backwards to help us.

I would 100% recommend this course to anyone at any level thinking of doing an SKE.Rachel

Elizabeth Smith SKE course

LizThe Spanish Course is a great course for anyone wanting to learn Spanish from scratch, or to brush up on some rusty skills. I really enjoyed the two weeks in Spain, it was a great opportunity to find out more about the country and the culture. Cantabria is a beautiful region, and it was perfect for practising Spanish: few people spoke English, but everyone was really welcoming and patient – in fact everyone was so friendly that a couple of times when I went out for a jog around the area, people struck up conversations with me for no apparent reason! The structure of the course worked well too – lessons in the morning, free time in the afternoon, then back in time for some great food cooked by Merche. There was plenty of time to explore the local areas, with Santander a short bus journey away (the Maritime Museum and the beaches are definitely worth a visit!), and Fernando was always very helpful with suggestions of where to go, often driving us to places which weren’t easy to get to by bus.

I now feel much more confident going into my teacher training course and I am looking forward to teaching Spanish – a testament to how enjoyable the lessons with Fernando were, and how much confidence they gave me. Fernando has taught Spanish in UK secondary schools too, so it was very useful to get tips from him on which language points children tend to find most difficult, and advice on how to go about teaching certain things. The online course is really useful for cementing what we studied in Spain, and having regular contact with Fernando is very useful for making sure everything stays up to scratch. Overall, I would thoroughly recommend The Spanish Course, and i might try and go back to carry on learning!

Un saludo!


Doug Cooke’s SKE course

I really enjoyed the two weeks in Spain with Fernando and his family. The classes were interesting, covering all of the key areas in sufficient detail to make sure we understood the main points and then with the online course reinforcing the material and giving us the chance to get the vocab and structures more firmly embedded. Fernando really conveys which language points can enable students to do what sort of things and provides a lot of interesting digressions to give a real insight into Spanish language. There’s plenty of good banter to be had too!

The house itself has a great homely feel. It’s very spacious and is within a beautifully peaceful setting in the mountains. The environment in the house is really nice, with everyone being really helpful and chatty. The food was lovely and gave a nice introduction to authentic Spanish cuisine -Merche is definitely a great cook. I’d definitely recommend ‘The Spanish Course’ and look forward to hopefully bringing a class back to the house in a few years’ time!

Doug Cooke at The Spanish Course

Doug Cooke at The Spanish Course

Ben Figler’s comment on our SKE Spanish Course

Ben Figler

Ben Figler and Fernando.

I recently completed the Spanish Course’s 8 week SKE programme and couldn’t be happier with my hosts/tutors and their quality of teaching. Before starting the couse, I had no experience in Spanish and was worried that I would feel confident enough to teach the language after an 8 week course. Fernando made it clear from day one of the course that his aim is to teach his SKE students the language and grammar required for the classroom; and this is exactly what he did. His teaching was to the point and was aimed at progressively producing my own work using newly tought vocabulary, phrases and grammar during my two week stay in Santander. The six week online course was hard work, but I was able to work through my text book unit by unit at my own pace, consolidating the grammar and vocabulary. Any finished work was quickly corrected (or usually highlighted, leaving it up to me to correct mistakes myself – this was excellent) on the online portal. The weekly video conferences were a great opportunity to ask any questions and then to practice some speaking. Obviously speaking is the most important aspect of a language, so it was much appreciated that Fernando put me though my paces.