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Spanish courses for teachers

We focus our Spanish courses on teachers' needs. We help teachers to meet their subject requirements according to Teachers’ Standards. Our courses will help you to brush up your Spanish level but, at the same time, they will emphasise on how to teach Spanish. We will highlight the main problems British students face when learning Spanish.

Courses in Spain

The Spanish Course

Online courses

Online Course



We offer Face to Face courses in Spain. You will be taught in small groups focusing on your Spanish level and teaching skills.

You will be full-board accommodated in a family environment in your tutor's home. You will share our family lifestyle but you will have your own privacy in your bedroom with en-suite bathroom. By the way, Merche's food is already quite famous among British teachers!

You will always have the support of our tutors who will interact with you and correct the work published by you on the online forums. There will always be a person to help you and not just a machine.

The course is based on what you publish on the online forums. Your tutor will highlight your mistakes and you will have to correct them. If you are not able to, your tutor will explain what the problem was.

You will be able to practice your speaking skills with our videoconference lessons. Your tutor will prompt and give you all the opportunities to speak in Spanish.

You will be able to practice what you've learnt on your online course and you will revise your work with your tutor. You will be able to ask your tutor everything you need in your One to One lessons. Your tutor will solve your problems.

Quality Spanish courses for Teachers

We’ve been offering Spanish courses for teachers since 2000 and have a vast experience of training primary, secondary and private teachers. We're registered with the Department for Education and the Teacher's Development Trust. We were awarded by the European Union and CiLT with the European Award for Languages in 2001. We also collaborate with UNIR, Universidad de Cantabria and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain. Fernando Pérez Cos, the program leader, is an experienced teacher and one of the authors of AS/A2 textbook ¡Ponte al Día! Therefore, he will be able to help you in both your teaching and language skills.

European Award for Languages
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Universidad de Cantabria

The European Union and the British Government awarded us with the European Award for Languages in 2001 because of our innovative teaching methods. We are an online learning pioneer.

We collaborate in CEDEL2: Corpus Escrito del Español como L2 research. We have also participated in the development of the COSER: Corpus Oral y Sonoro del Español Rural

We offer American students to take a credited semester or Academic year studying at the Universidad de Cantabria while learning Spanish with us. Students also participate in different activities.

We are helping Máster en Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera students to fulfill their requirement of having a work experience to finish their Master's degree while gaining teaching skills.


You can get funding for your course from different Insttutions.

SKE Spanish Courses

Department for Education

CPD Spanish Courses

Teacher Development Trust

Erasmus+ Spanish Courses


Our SKE Spanish Courses are 100% funded by the Department for Education. SKE programs are designed for ITT (Initial Teacher Training) participants to gain the knowledge needed to train to teach Spanish.

We also offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses for teachers. These courses have to be funded by your school and you should ask you school Financial Department or Principal about the availability of CPD funding.

At the moment our programs are suspended. The possible participation of the UK in future Erasmus+ programmes after 2020 will depend on the outcome of the overall negotiations on the future relationship between the UK and the EU.