Ben Figler’s comment on his SKE Spanish Course

I recently completed the Spanish Course’s 8 week SKE programme and couldn’t be happier with my hosts/tutors and their quality of teaching. Before starting the couse, I had no experience in Spanish and was worried that I would feel confident enough to teach the language after an 8 week course. Fernando made it clear from day one of the course that his aim is to teach his SKE students the language and grammar required for the classroom; and this is exactly what he did. His teaching was to the point and was aimed at progressively producing my own work using newly tought vocabulary, phrases and grammar during my two week stay in Santander. The six week online course was hard work, but I was able to work through my text book unit by unit at my own pace, consolidating the grammar and vocabulary. Any finished work was quickly corrected (or usually highlighted, leaving it up to me to correct mistakes myself – this was excellent) on the online portal. The weekly video conferences were a great opportunity to ask any questions and then to practice some speaking. Obviously speaking is the most important aspect of a language, so it was much appreciated that Fernando put me though my paces.

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