Face to Face Spanish Courses in Spain

Our Spanish courses for teachers in Spain are 100% tailored to teachers’ needs, focusing not only on the language but also on how to teach Spanish to primary and secondary students, highlighting the main problems your students will face.

We offer Spanish courses for all levels, individually on in small groups allowing us to focus on your individual needs and interests.

Lessons take place in a friendly and relaxed environment, facilitating learning and that teachers are confident enough to ask their questions and get involved in their own learning procedure.

The most important characteristic of our courses is about being part of our family. Sharing your time with us during meals, in the free time; playing with our twin daughters Victoria and Raquel; etc. However, we speak fluent English so that you won’t ever feel isolated and you will have your own bedroom with en-suite bathroom to keep your privacy.


Our immersion Spanish courses take place in our home in Puente Viesgo, in the North coast of Spain, just 20 km. from Santander. Our Spanish courses take place in a family environment where apart from studying Spanish you will be able to blend into our lifestyle.

You will be sharing our family lifestyle, you will have meals with all the family, play with our twin daughters, help cooking, go to the supermarket or watch telly with us among other things. We will welcome you as another member of our family.

You will be accommodated in one of our five very large rooms with en-suite bathrooms at our lovely traditional house from 1780.

As part of your course, you can learn a bit about Spanish culture by sharing our lifestyle and enjoying Spanish food. Typical examples are tapas, jamón, paella, tortilla and chorizo, but there are many others you can try. Merche is an excellent cook and we’re pretty sure that you will enjoy her food. If you want, you can help her and learn how to cook “the Spanish way”.

Enjoy a relaxed family atmosphere in our living room. Apart from Spanish TV, we have Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. You can also relax and read in our Library.

Our Area

Right on the doorstep you have an idyllic landscape of mountains and green valleys with the river Pas at the bottom and heights of more than 1,000 m. at the peak of the mountains.


Our little village, Aés, has got a small supermarket and a bar, plus a playground and a sports pitch with a basketball court. From our home you have impressive walks. Easy flat walks or up the mountains.

Everything lies within just 36.10 square kilometres, where you will enjoy natural forests, green hills, thrilling views, and the opportunity to see a variety of animals and birds.

You can also ride one of our bicycles in the Via Verde (a flat foot-bike path 26 Km. long).

After doing extensive work in the house we adapted it for hosting students and we expanded The Spanish Course since then. We currently have students visiting us all year round and during the summer we usually are fully booked.