SKE Spanish Course with two weeks in Spain

We’ve been offering SKE courses since 2014. Our goal is to help SKE students meet their subject requirements according to Teachers’ Standards. Participants will achieve at least a B1-B2 level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This level will meet the subject requirements of the National Curriculum specified on the Language programmes of study for teaching at least on Key Stage 3.

Learn Spanish while enjoying Spanish food in our patio.

Homestay and Online course

Our quality blended Spanish course offers two weeks in Spain plus an online course with videoconferences to consolidate what the students learn in Spain.
If you prefer, our SKE course could also be just online. In that case, we would have more videoconference lessons in order to comply with the SKE course goals.

Sue Mahoney

“You delivered a great course that gave me an understanding of Spanish language that I could never have achieved in the UK in such a short time”

Sue Mahoney

SKE course in Spain

You will have choose your two weeks in Spain within your SKE course dates and within the given dates by The Spanish Course. You will receive those dates in the email we’ll send you once you fill in the form. Thanks.

In the two homestay weeks in Spain, our course is designed according to participant’s needs. Our SKE participants have different levels of Spanish competence and we address this common issue by individualising the tutoring.

Rachel Porter
Rachel Porter

“I did not really know any Spanish before arriving, but Fernando’s clear explanations and exercises gave me a firm foundation for me to expand upon”

Rachel Porter

Our course will focus on the language but also on the necessary skills to teach Spanish in British schools. We will highlight the main problems British students face when learning Spanish (i.e. the uses of the past tenses, how to teach Spanish pronunciation, “ser” and “estar”, the subjunctive, etc.).

Liz Smith
Liz Smith

“Fernando has taught Spanish in UK secondary schools too, so it was very useful to get tips from him on which language points children tend to find most difficult, and advice on how to go about teaching certain things”

Elizabeth Smith

Online Course

Students will follow our web-based course. Participants will always have the support of our tutors who will correct the work published by them on the online forums. Participants will get a prompt from their textbook to post a message in the forum discussion boards, then we will point out their mistakes so that participants can correct those mistakes by themselves. If they’re not able to correct the exercise, their Spanish tutor will explain to them how it works in Spanish.

“Fernando’s corrections and outlining of the errors (but crucially without simply giving me the solution) have helped me enormously to reflect and improve both my written and spoken Spanish.”

Richard Higbid

Participants, will have a Google Meet lesson, where they will gain extra support and will be able to practice their speaking skills.


Our SKE (Subject Knowledge Enhancement) Spanish course is funded by the DfE (Department for Education). Your SKE Spanish Course will get 100% funded by the Department for Education. You will also receive a bursary for covering your own expenses and air fare.

Before applying to our SKE Spanish course the applicant must have applied for an ITT (Initial Teacher Training) programme. The need for the SKE Spanish course should be identified by the ITT provider, who will give students a conditional offer.

Once you tell your ITT provider you have chosen The Spanish Course as your SKE provider, we will contact your ITT provider and the DfE to organise your SKE Spanish course.

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